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Alex Hilton, CEO, Cloud Industry Forum

Hybrid IT: the new normal

The Cloud industry has matured rapidly over the last few years, and Cloud has firmly established itself as a key component of the modern IT estate.
retail card payment

Cards & payments: digital solutions that benefit issuers and cardholders

Today, customers are immersing themselves in the digital world and the information, convenience, mobility, and personalisation it provides.
Sue Langley, Chief Executive Officer, UKTI Financial Services Organisation

The UK is fast becoming the destination of choice for FinTech companies

According to Accenture the UK and Ireland is now the fastest growing region for fintech investment globally.
Business to business mobile banking What s it worth

Business to business mobile banking – What’s it worth?

Mobile business to business banking (B2B) is a new battleground for customer ownership and extends not just to banking by customers with their banks, but also to businesses transacting directly with each other, a.k.a. disintermediation.
FinTech catalysing change in the financial services sector

FinTech: catalysing change in the financial services sector

During and following the financial crisis you would have been hard pressed to find a sector with a worse reputation than financial services. But, there has been, post crisis, an emphasis on stabilisation.
selecting cryptocurrencies

Are cryptocurrencies the future of money?

Since the emergence of Bitcoin in 2008, news reports have suggested that digital currencies are the future of money.
integrating tech

Integrating tech into customer experience

Metro Bank is one of the first major financial institutions to go entirely paperless. David Nudelman, Microsoft Technologies Team Leader, speaks with us about how they have put technology at the heart of their customer experience.
Information security when only a thorough overhaul will do

Information security: when only a thorough overhaul will do

Organisations need to take a holistic information security approach and that can mean overhauling systems rather than tinkering under the hood, Sean Hargrave discovers.
Smart banking alternative finance providers

Smart banking: alternative finance providers

The alternative finance market is experiencing rapid growth. It was worth close to £1 billion in 2013 – an expansion of over 90% – and this year is predicted to increase to £1.6 billion.
gold bars and coins

Asset Management: The next frontier for FinTech?

The UK is a leading global financial services centre, and the most internationally focused financial marketplace in the world, with more overseas financial institutions and investors choosing to do business in, and with, the UK than any other country.
This is going to be a big year in the payments industry

This is going to be a big year in the payments industry.

This is going to be a big year for those of us in the retail payments world. Apple has legitimised the nascent mobile sector, so with their mindshare blessing we will see soon begin to see the phone as our core financial services device.
Luis Carranza at FinTech Week

Carranza’s creative thinking boosts FinTech industry

For an advertising and creative professional, Luis Carranza has done well to become one of the FinTech industry’s movers and shakers.
UK tech startup office

Start-ups eye compliance advice to stay within the law

Find out about regulation in the FinTech industry and how startups can ensure they are FCA compliant and not acting illegally.
tech startup office

Open standard API will benefit the innovators

The government wants more competition in the banking sector by delivering an open standard Application Programming Interface (API). techUK’s head of financial services and payments Lisa Moyle welcomes the move.
European Central Bank Frankfurt

The Benefit of a Good Neighbour: Germany’s FinTech sector is Strengthening

London is proud of its FinTech success and with Germany creating its own FinTech champions, we are set for a golden era for payments solutions in Europe.
London at dusk

Future of Finance: Three experts reveal how to stay ahead of the game in FinTech

We speak to three of the women leading the charge in the UK FinTech space about where they think this exciting industry is taking us.
London skyline in the day

London calling FinTech innovators

FinTech City recognises the European game-changers in finance, and many are in London. Co-founder Julie Lake explains why the capital is a hotbed of FinTech talent.
financial district at night

Facilitating the UK’s FinTech growth – Innovation in Regulation

The government is determined that the UK establishes itself as the world’s leading FinTech hub and we are committed to helping our FinTech sector to grow.
banking mobile technology

Don’t remove choice in payment revolution

Ali Paterson is a host on Fintech Finance TV and a big fan of new payment technologies, although he won’t be leaving his leather wallet at home just yet.
Nationwide workzone

New Innovation Lab fuels effective partnerships

Greater collaboration between traditional financial services providers and those seeking to disrupt the industry is the best way forward, as Nationwide has discovered with its flourishing Innovation Lab.
Ali Paterson from FinTech finance

More choice and more control: financial decisions in 2015

2015 has seen the growth in customer choice when it comes to financial decisions. The growing mobile and contactless payments options on offer are giving greater flexibility and freedom to the individual consumer.
Lights in London

The UK FinTech landscape has evolved even in the last 12 months

With the UK recognised as a global hub for FinTech development and innovation, interest levels in FinTech from incumbents here and abroad are soaring.
Contactless mobile payment

What does the future hold for payments and banking?

Over the last generation we have become a debit card nation, but will the next generation stay with their bank or will they shift away to new technology and new kinds of payment?
london skyline

IoD is full of confidence for FinTech’s future

The Institute of Directors is there to reassure and support businesses and it has no fears that the FinTech sector will thrive following the EU Referendum.
Luis Carranza and Eileen Burbidge

Industry must stay strong amid Brexit uncertainty

The FinTech sector comes together this month for London FinTech Week, and the potential fall-out from the EU referendum is on everyone’s mind.
Barclays foyer

Collaboration the key to success in finance

Financial service providers are recognising that to keep up with the pace of innovation they should collaborate, not compete, with FinTech startups. It’s not just the banks who benefit, but the startups themselves, and ultimately the end customer.
Chris Skinner

Why all the fuss about blockchain?

It is worth tuning out the white noise surrounding blockchain because real change is in the works – provided everyone understands what it involves.
london grey city

After the referendum, FinTech looks forward

London FinTech Week is a timely reminder that business goes on after the UK's vote to leave the EU. A showcase to remind the world of the unchanged strengths of London as a global FinTech hub, from its supportive regulatory environment to the breadth and depth of its financial ecosystem.
brexit flag design

Brexit leaves question mark over FCA regulation

The rapid growth of Fintech has meant necessary EU regulation to control this burgeoning industry, but Brexit has brought calls for less red tape to fuel progress in the UK.
Peter Renton

P2P lenders cautiously optimistic in face of economic jitters

Peer to peer lending relies on consumer confidence, and uncertainty in the UK economy has left many in the sector feeling anxious - but they remain upbeat.